Acceptable Use of Technology Policy
The Career Institute of Technology (“Career Institute”) provides employees, students, and Guests (“Users”) with hardware, software, and access to the Career Institute’s Electronic Communication System and network, which includes internet access, whether wired, wireless, virtual, cloud, or by any other means. Guests include, but are not limited to, visitors, workshop attendees, volunteers, adult education staff, students, School Board members, independent contractors, vendors, and Career Institute consultants

The Career Institute intends to strictly protect its CIS systems against harm or outside and internal risks and vulnerabilities. Users are important and critical players in protecting these Career Institute assets and in lessening the risks that can destroy these important and critical assets. Consequently, Users are required to fully comply with this Policy, and to immediately report any violations or suspicious activities to the Administrative Director, and/or designee. Noncompliance will result in actions further described in the “Consequences for Inappropriate, Unauthorized and Illegal Use” section found in the last section of this Policy (page 22), and provided in other relevant Career Institute policies and regulations, rules and procedures.

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