Digital Technology Policy

Students may not play this equipment anywhere in the buildĀ­ing during school hours except during lunch and if allowed or requested for instructional activities by the instructor. Students are encouraged to leave these items at home, the school will not be responsible for loss or theft.  Because these items are easily lost, do not expect to be reimbursed.  Faculty/staff are authorized to confiscate these items and give to the administration. The administration has the discretion to hold these items for a period of time deemed appropriate. The use of laser pointers, toys or similar equipment is forbidden and these items will be confiscated with disciplinary action to follow.

Cell Phone Policy

A.      Cell phones can detract from school safety and crisis preparedness and can impede public safety response through calls of panic, and overloading the system during a real crisis.

B.      CIT follows a “common sense approach” to the possession of cell phones by students. Families have attempted to improve communication with their children by issuing them cell phones.  We do not want to infringe on this parental objective, however, during scheduled classes (7:30-2:30) the cell phone is to be secured and turned off.

C.    Violators face disciplinary action and may have their cell phones confiscated and returned to them or their parents at the end of the day. Repeated offenders will risk the confiscation of their cell phones for an extended period of time.