Withdrawal or Course Transfers
Practically all students are admitted to the course of their first choice. However, on some occasions you may discover that your course assignment is not what you like or what you can do well. You should first speak to your teacher then report to Student Services.
Before a course change is made:
  1. A student will make a visitation of one to three days to the occupa­tional area in which the student is interested.
  2. Parent/guardian contact will be made by a counselor.
  3. The student must complete a “Request for Program Change” form, obtain the signatures of his/her parent/guardian, current occupational teacher and sending school counselor and return this form to the Stu­dent Services office. If the new occupational area being requested has a letter for new students, that letter will be attached to the above form.

Only two course changes per year will be allowed, barring extenuat­ing circumstances. Course changes will be made only during the first two weeks of each marking period, barring extenuating circumstances. A student request to return to the sending high school will be made at the discretion of his/her high school’s policy.