Electronics Technology
CIP Code:    150303

Our world has come to rely on electronics technology in all aspects of our daily life.  From the morning alarm clock to our home security systems, electronics play an important role in our daily communication, transportation, manufacturing, business management, exploration, safety, security and entertainment.  Choose any field of advanced technology and you will discover that it all begins with Basic Electronics.  Utilizing lab assignments, experiments and computer aided instruction; students obtain knowledge in all areas of electronics.  This core curriculum focuses on direct current circuits, alternating current circuits, semiconductor circuits and digital circuits.  Students also acquire skills in schematic reading, troubleshooting, circuit fabrication and prototyping techniques, interpreting technical manuals and the use of general test equipment such as volt/ohm/ammeters, variable AC/DC power supplies, signal generators and oscilloscopes.  To enhance employment opportunities, students should continue their education at a post secondary institution.  Several institutions have articulation agreements to accept CIT courses toward advanced placement.

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