Machine Tool Technology
CIP Code:    480501

Students in the Precision Machining course learn hands-on skills and related technologies that are in great demand by local industries.  Experience is gained by the use of lathes, milling machines, precision grinders and saws.  Machining skills are supported by blueprint reading, mathematics and the use of precision measuring instruments.  Advanced students can also gain valuable experience in our state-of-the-art automated manufacturing lab.  Students use the lathes in CAD - C.A.M. technology to design, manufacture, and inspect precision machined components.  Students can receive a National Skill Standards (N.I.M.S.) credential through CIT and apply for apprenticeship in the related fields of tool & die making, mold making and precision machining.  Upon completion of the course content, students can apply their skills in one of many local manufacturers or apply their credits towards a degree in Engineering or Automated Manufacturing.

Informational Video: