Building Construction Technology

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Charles DeBellis

2010-2012 Student Built House Project

house project

house project




Reading Level of Textbook

and Program Materials

9th grade

Math Skills

used in this program

Basic math (+, -, x, ÷), word problems, rounding

Measuring, geometry

Converting fractions to decimals to percent

Volume and area

Classroom Tests


Chapter tests & quizzes, Unit tests

Vocabulary tests

Certification Tests



CareerSafe (OSHA)




30-60 minutes / day

4 times / week

NOCTI preparation for Seniors: 1 hour / week

Homework Requirement


Task List

Aligned with:  PA Department of Education Program of Study                              

More information available on



Program Aptitudes

Ability to safely use hand tools and power tools

Essential Physical Requirements

Physical strength, multi-limb coordination

Spend time standing, bending and kneeling

Finger dexterity and arm – hand steadiness

Near vision

Soft Skills

Ability to work individually and in groups

Ability to set priorities


Uniform & Tool Requirements

Work boots ($30 - 60)

Khaki colored uniform ($50)

Tools ($150-200)

Work Environment

Spend time using hands to do accurate work

Work indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions including working on roofs

Safety Concerns

Proper use of personal protective equipment is required

Exposed to hazardous equipment

Work on ladders/scaffolding and at high elevations



Co-op / Clinical


Must meet eligibility requirements for grades, attendance, performance and percentage of program completion.

Articulation Agreements

NCCER – Accredited Builder and Contractors

Triangle Tech, Lincoln Tech

Most current information can be found through, look for “How to Earn College Credit” or

Sample of Career Opportunities

(O*Net ID)

Construction Carpenters (47-2031.01)

Rough Carpenters (47-2031.02)

Helpers-Carpenters (47-3012.00)


BUILDING CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY                                                                         C.I.P. CODE:  46.0201