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Reading Level of Textbook

and Program Materials


10th grade


Math Skills

used in this program


Basic math, money (make change)


Liquid measurement - ounces

Basic geometry for  angles in haircutting


Classroom Tests


Chapter tests & quizzes

Formatted like state boards – limited accommodations available

Vocabulary tests


Certification Tests


State Board of Cosmetology

CareerSafe (OSHA)





30-45 minutes / day

5 times / week


Homework Requirement


Unfinished class work must be done at home

Study for tests


Task List


Aligned with State Board certification

More information available on





Program Aptitudes


Ability to read & comprehend

Ability to follow multistep directions

Skills are progressive, ongoing mastery of skills as they build


Essential Physical Requirements


Hand-eye coordination

Stand for long periods of time

Ability to discriminate subtle differences in color


Soft Skills


Ability to set priorities

Time management

Customer service skills


Uniform & Tool Requirements


Cosmetology kit ($415 and up – changes each year, must be paid before entering program)

Uniform must include white clinic shoes


Work Environment


Must maintain a safe and hygienic environment



Safety Concerns


Tolerance of various chemicals

Spend time making repetitive motions

Caution advised for individuals with respiratory issues





Co-op / Clinical


Participate in clinic as part of the program

Must meet eligibility requirements for grades, attendance, performance and percentage of program completion.


Articulation Agreements


Most current information can be found through, look for “How to Earn College Credit”


Sample of Career Opportunities

(O*Net ID)


Hairdressers, Hairstylists & Cosmetologists (39-5012.00)

Licensing Examiners (13-1041.02)

Manicurists and Pedicurists (39-5092.00)

Skin Care Specialists (39-5094.00)


COSMETOLOGY                                                                                                                                                C.I.P. CODE:  12.0401