Attendance Procedures
Since regular attendance is a very important factor expected by employers from their employees, it is felt that good attendance is an important and necessary part of a student’s educational program at the Career Institute of Technology.

The following attendance procedures shall be enforced during the school year:

a.Tardiness - Students who are tardy will report to the First Aid/ Nurse to get a “tardy slip”. This slip must be presented to the teacher before the tardy student can be admitted to the shop.

b.Absence - Students who are absent must present a written excuse to their Occupational Teacher by the third day of their return. Excuses not brought in the third day will be considered “unexcused”. Parental calls from home will also be accepted. Doctor excuses and legal excuses are always accepted. Students participating in the Cooperative Education program may not report to their Co-op job if they do not attend home school. (See Attendance Policy for exceptions).

The parent/guardian will receive a phone each day a student is absent. During the message the parent/guardian has the option of pressing 1 to record their child’s excuse. An email of the recorded message is sent to the Attendance Office. You will be reminded to send an excuse if you do not press 1.  If the message goes to an answering machine, the parent/guardian is informed that they can call 1-866-346-9920 to record the excuse.

All students need to bring two (2) excuses, if their parent has not left a message or called the school after an absence. One excuse would be given to the Occupational Teacher, while the second excuse will be needed by the home high school. Students should check with their home high school concerning their attendance procedures.

Parents will be notified in all cases where frequent absenteeism or tardiness occurs. Frequent tardiness can result in a revocation of driving privileges in cases where students drive to school. In those cases where the yearly attendance record is considered poor, students will be denied re-admission the following year. It is your responsibility to attend school on a regular basis, accumulating no more than twelve (12) days absent for each year and five (5) days tardy per year or two (2) days tardy per marking period.