Clubs and Organizations

10 months ago

Most school clubs activities are handled by the participat­ing schools. However, all students attending the Career Institute of Technology can be members of a career and technical student organization (CTSO). Following are the CTSO’s available to the students at CIT:
SkillsUSA This club is available to all students attending our school.
DECA (An association of Marketing Students). This club is available to all students in the Marketing and Advertising Technologies and the Hospitality and Lodging program whose goal is to develop future leaders in marketing, management and entrepreneurship.
HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America). This club is avail­able to students in the Health Related Technology program.
NTHS (National Technical Honor Society). Candidacy in the Honor Society is based upon scholarship, service, leadership and character. Qualifications are outlined in the NTHS constitution/by laws and are available through the NTHS advisor.
AWS (American Welding Society). Membership in AWS is available to all students in the Welding Technology program.