Computer Systems Networking & Telecommunications

a year ago

Focus on the design, implementations and management of linked computers, peripherals and associated software.

Students interested in this program should enjoy solving problems and working both on a computer and with their hands. Every industry uses computers and networks, so the career possibilities are endless!

Recommended Academic Levels

Reading: 10th grade

Math: Algebra equations, other number systems, including base-8

Recommended Academic Courses

College Prep English recommended

Algebra 1

Recommended Aptitudes

  • Strong computer skills

  • Strong reading skills

  • Strong independent work habits

  • Manipulate small, delicate items

  • Focus on complex content/projects for extended periods of time

  • Able to lift 10 pounds or more

Career Pathways

Technical Or Trade School required, along with specific certifications: Computer Analyst Applications Analyst Systems Specialist

2 or 4 year degree required, along with specific certifications:

Systems Engineer Network Technician Network Analyst Network Specialist Computer Security Information Security Data Security Admin IT Consultant


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