Director's Message

Dear Students,

It is our pleasure to invite you to learn about our school and to help you prepare for a successful future.

You need to understand that success requires planning, and should you elect to attend the Career Institute of Technology, it will be important to your future that you think about all the traits you will need to acquire in order to take advantage of the opportunities to succeed in the work place.

While you strive to learn the skills and knowledge needed within your chosen occupation, it is equally important to also concentrate on developing your professional skills. Learning self-discipline and responsibility, developing character and self-esteem, getting along with and dealing with people and learning to become decision-makers and critical thinkers are essential to success in today's society.

At the Career Institute of Technology, occupational, professional, and academic skills are integrated throughout each program. Courses are designed to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to create and maintain an atmosphere which contributes to your entire process of learning and succeeding. Take advantage of what we have to offer you and enjoy the challenges that will make learning rewarding.

Above all, have fun learning what there is to learn, cherish memorable moments, and may you truly experience the thrill of success!