Electronics Technology

10 months ago

Electronics are everywhere!

The Electronics Technology program instructs students in all areas of electronics. Students also acquire skills in schematic reading, troubleshooting, circuit fabrication and prototyping techniques, interpreting technical manuals and the use of general test equipment such as volt/ohm/ammeters, variable AC/DC power supplies, signal generators and oscilloscopes.

Recommended Academic Levels

Reading:  10th grade, some reading at college level

Math:  Algebra 1

Recommended Academic Courses

College Prep English or higher recommended

Algebra 1 minimum, Algebra 2, Geometry and Trigonometry all recommended

Recommended Aptitudes

  • Strong math skills

  • Attentive to detail

  • Hand eye coordination, dexterity

  • Strong independent work habits

  • Able to solve multi-step problems

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