Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

The Career Institute of Technology (“Career Institute”) provides employees, students, and Guests (“Users”) with hardware, software, and access to the Career Institute’s Electronic Communication System and network, which includes internet access, whether wired, wireless, virtual, cloud, or by any other means. Guests include, but are not limited to, visitors, workshop attendees, volunteers, adult education staff, students, School Board members, independent contractors, vendors, and Career Institute consultants

The Career Institute intends to strictly protect its CIS systems against harm or outside and internal risks and vulnerabilities. Users are important and critical players in protecting these Career Institute assets and in lessening the risks that can destroy these important and critical assets. Consequently, Users are required to fully comply with this Policy, and to immediately report any violations or suspicious activities to the Administrative Director, and/or designee. Noncompliance will result in actions further described in the “Consequences for Inappropriate, Unauthorized and Illegal Use” section found in the last section of this Policy (page 22), and provided in other relevant Career Institute policies and regulations, rules and procedures.

Personal Electronic Communication Device Policy

The Operating Committee of the Career Institute of Technology (“Board”) permits Silent Use of ECDs, including PECDs, by Career Institute students during the school day in Career Institute buildings, on Career Institute property, and while students are attending CIT-sponsored activities during regular school hours when they are in compliance with this Policy, other Career Institute Policies and Other Legal Requirements, and so long as such use does not interfere with the students’ educational requirements, responsibilities/duties and performance, the rights and education of others, and the operation and services of the Career Institute.

Students may not use their PECDs with the Career Institute’s WiFi, but students may use their cellular service if they have written consent from their parent(s)/guardian(s) on a form provided by the Career Institute (Permission Form), and the Career Institute has registered the students’ PECDs. The Career Institute will not be responsible for student’s acts conducted through their cellular service.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are responsible for their child’s use of their cellular service. This means that parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for their child’s misuse of their PECDs in violation of the Permission Form, and Career Institute Policies and/or Other Legal Requirements, and they will cooperate with the Career Institute if disciplinary matters arise. Administrators, in consultation with the Director and in compliance with this Policy, other Career Institute Policies and/or Other Legal Requirements, are authorized to determine the extent of the use of ECDs, including PECDs, within the school, on the school’s property, and/or while students are attending CIT sponsored activities during regular school hours.

Open/Pubic Records Policy

Right-To-Know Information

Open Records Officer:

Adrianne Jones, Administrative Director Career Institute of Technology 5335 Kesselersville Road Easton, PA 18040

The Career Institute of Technology Public Records Policy and Administrative Procedures are posted in the school’s main office.

All requests for Public Records must me made to the Open Records Officer named above using the Pennsylvania Standard Right-to-Know Request Form. This form is available in the Career Institute of Technology Main Office and is also available in printable form from the PA Office of Open Records Web Site: under the Forms tab.

A denial for access to public records may be appealed to the following:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of Open Records Commonwealth Keystone Building 400 North Street, 4th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225

Social Media Policy

Both Career Institute of Technology educational social media and commercial social media exist for Users to utilize. Therefore, social media could be used either as part of the Career Institute of Technology’s educational mission or for business purposes, or as part of the Users personal commercial online presence. Mobile electronic devices, portable or stationary computers, and Career Institute of Technology networks and systems, as well as Users’ networks, systems, computers, and devices are available for (or provided for) Users to carry out their social media activities. The purpose of the Career Institute of Technology Social Media Policy is to establish rules and guidance for the use of social media by students, employees, and guests (collectively “Users”).

A social media blunder is a critical problem with the potential to injure students, employees, guests, and others, to lose confidential information and data, to set back any progress that the Career Institute of Technology has previously made, and to subject the User or the Career Institute of Technology to litigation.

Wellness Policy

Anyone interested in serving on CIT's Wellness Committee should contact:

Adrianne Jones, Administrative Director Career Institute of Technology 5335 Kesslersville Road Easton, PA 18040