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Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education (Co-op) work experience program gives CIT students an opportunity to gain school credit for actual live work experience. Students on Co-op are given on-the-job training during that portion of the school day that they would normally attend CIT class. It is our concern not merely those students obtain work before graduation, but they have a genuine learning experience.
Please note: Students may not work if they do not attend home school. The only exceptions would be if they had a dentist, doctor or court ap­pointment during school hours and bring an official note documenting the appointment. Punctuality for home school classes is also mandatory. Should a student have 3 unexcused tardies they will not be allowed to work on any future days that they are late for school.

Student Eligibility
  1. Students must have teacher recommendation and completion of a minimum of 65% of the competencies with a minimum grade of “C” in the CIT course and be a senior student. Junior students will be permitted to participate in marking period 3 or 4 if they have com­pleted 65% of curriculum or in special cases obtain teacher approval for part-time consideration (See #9).
  2. Students who qualify for Co-op may apply to start the Cooperative Education Experience by the mid-point of the first marking period.
  3. Any student considered for placement must have satisfactory attendance and behavior.
  4. The student must have passing grades in academic subjects at the home school.
  5. Students may not miss Health and Physical Education classes sched­uled at CIT to attend work.
  6. Parental approval and agreement to program regulations must be given by signing the training and student agreements.
  7. Students under 18 years of age must secure valid working papers prior to enrollment in the program. This is issued at the student’s home school.
  8. In order to be excused from attending CIT classes four days a week, a student must work a minimum of twelve hours per week. The stu­dent must attend CIT on Monday to complete Health (if required), Physical Education and Cooperative Education requirement.
  9. Special cases where 65% of the competencies are not completed will be reviewed by the Supervisor of Career and Technical Education for consideration, but the student work be allowed to work a maximum of 3 days per week.

Student Responsibilities to Employer

  1. Maintain an excellent attendance record and arrive to work on time.
  2. Report absences in a timely manner if unable to report to work.
  3. Work when required by the employer on any school holidays that are not recognized as holidays by the employer.
  4. Strive to be an outstanding employee, perform duties in a loyal manner and work in the best interest of all concerned.
  5. Give appropriate notice if resigning from a position and provide a termination letter.
  6. Drive on the job only if 17 years of age, or at age 17, if driving restrictions under the child labor laws are followed.
  7. Agree to working hours limited by child labor laws if under 18 year of age.

Student Responsibilities to Cooperative Education Coordinator
  1. Complete all legal requirements and agreements from the Coop­erative Education office before beginning work.
  2. Attend CIT every Monday for related instruction with the pro­gram instructor, Cooperative Education Coordinator, Health (if required) and Physical Education instructor(s). If a Monday absence occurs, it is mandatory that the student make up the day.  The make-up day will be determined by the Coop Coordinator at the next Monday meeting.
  3. Bring home school report card to CIT the first Monday after the high school distributes them and show the report card to the Coop Coordinator to verify passing status.
  4. Have your parent call either the Attendance Officer or  
  5. Coordinator when absent.
  6. Ask parent to submit excuses for absences & tardiness from home school and CIT.
  7. Submit monthly Employer Rating Sheets.
  8. Submit weekly task and time sheets signed by student and employer (green copy for Coordinator and white copy for Teacher).
  9. Complete Job Activities, Job Hazards, Training Station Evaluation and/or Lesson Activity Work.
  10. Arrive at the scheduled meeting with agenda, ID, pencil or pen and required time and rating sheets.
  11. Attend the Annual Employer Appreciation Dinner (Coop Banquet) with their employer.

Student Responsibilities to Occupational Teacher
  1. Submit Task Sheets signed by student and employer.
  2. Complete assigned projects and take a minimum of one test per marking period as instructed by Occupational Teacher.
  3. Maintain a minimum grade of “C” in the program.
  4. Return to school for all testing and curriculum obligations. This includes NIMS testing throughout the school year when request­ed and NOCTI tests. The per­formance tests will be held on one day during this period (TBA) and the written portion will be administered on a Monday.

  5. Participate in Quarterly Evaluations.

Employer Eligibility
  1. The employer must agree to adhere to all pertinent school, state and federal regulations; for example child labor laws, minimum wage law and workman’s compensation regulations.
  2. The employer must agree to a training program that provides a variety of work experiences. Close supervision by a trained and experienced employee is the objective.
  3. The employer must provide the student with necessary safety in­struction and a safe, healthy and non-hazardous work environ­ment.
  4. The employer shall not displace another employee by hiring a cooperative education student.
  5. Agree to sign weekly task and time sheets, and complete monthly and final evaluations.
  6. Agree to attend the Annual Appreciation Dinner.
  7. One adult in the workplace will be designated as the supervisor of the student.  The supervisor must obtain three clearances (Act 34 - PSP, Act 114 - Fingerprinting, Act 151 - Child Abuse before the student begins Coop.

Reasons for Student Withdrawal from the Program
  1. The job is a non-beneficial experience for the student.
  2. Academic grades fall below a “C” average.
  3. The student has excessive absences or tardiness at home school or on the job.
  4. The student does not abide by the terms of the training agreement and program requirements.
  5. An employer is not satisfied with the student’s performance and requests the school to withdraw the student or directly terminates his/her employment.
  6. The student fails to complete task sheets, time sheets or log ab­sences from home school.
  7. The student works after being absent without proper documenta­tion from the home school.
  8. The student does not attend Physical Education or Health Classes

Student Evaluation and Grading
  1. Cooperative Education Coordinator will visit the students for ob­servation and to discuss progress.
  2. Students will complete monthly Time Sheets.
  3. Students will complete task sheets which are turned in to the shop teacher.
  4. On-the-job trainers or supervisors will complete monthly evalua­tions.
  5. Cooperative Education Coordinator will review student on-the-job trainer evaluations and coordination visit reports and discuss modi­fications that may be needed with both the employer and student.
  6. Cooperative Education Coordinator will be in contact with the pro­gram instructors to coordinate related instruction on areas that need improvement.
  7. Cooperative Education Coordinator will enter employer and coor­dinator ratings in the Professional Development grading area.
  8. Teachers will enter ratings in the Professional Development grad­ing area.
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