Physical Education

3 years ago

Physical Education Syllabus


Teachers:       Mrs. Wendy Nebzydoski


Course Description:  Physical Education classes will incorporate a fitness based curriculum.  The goal of the classes is to provide the students with the knowledge and experience that will allow for life-long health and fitness.

Dress Code:


  • Gym shorts of an appropriate length or sweatpants.
  • No shorts or sweatpants can be worn over jeans.
  • T-shirt or standardized home school uniform.
  • Long hair must be pulled back.
  • Jewelry & accessories are to be removed.  Piercings or jewelry that cannot be
  • removed must be taped or wrapped prior to class.
  • Bags, purses, etc. are not permitted in the fitness center.



  • Students must be dressed in appropriate attire for every class.
  • Points will be deducted if the dress code is not followed.
  • If a student comes to class completely unprepared, the daily grade will be reduced by five points.  If problem persists, there will be a discussion between the teacher and student and contact with the parents/guardians.
  • Students may have their assignment modified if they do not comply with the dress code.
  • Students are required to participate to their potential the entire class period in order to receive full credit for the class.  If students do not participate the entire class duration to their potential, points will be deducted from their daily grade.
  • Students are required to make up all missed classes within two weeks of an absence in order to receive credit. Absences within two weeks of the end of the marking period must be made up before the close of the marking period. If the class is not made up, a zero will be recorded for the daily grade. The student must come completely prepared in order to make up a missed class.
  • If the student cannot participate in physical education class due to illness or injury, a physician’s note must be received and the student will be required to do written work for the activity portion of his/her grade.  Please note: A modified program is available if specified by a physician; otherwise, a writing assignment will be used for a daily grade.

Grading:  Your grade will be calculated by the amount of points earned divided by the total points possible.  Each class is worth ten (10) points.

 Students are expected to follow all school rules and regulations set forth in the student handbook.  Students must also abide by the Work Ethics Plan or points will be deducted from the daily grade.

 For success in this program, the above criteria are the responsibility of the student.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact