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Your grade is determined by your participation and success in three areas, each weighted equally:

1.    Skill - Performance skills and tasks accomplished.
2.    Knowledge - Formal tests.
3.    Employability Skills - Work Ethics/PDP participation.

Skills and tasks are described as those skills which make your job competent. Your curriculum is described as units of instruction. Each unit is broken down into a series of skills and tasks. These skills and tasks are recorded on project task sheets which you complete. These project task sheets will be graded by your instructor and subsequently you will receive a copy.

The tasks will be graded using the following rubric.
0   Refuses to perform task
1   Student observed demonstration only
2   Unable to perform task
3   Requires close supervision
4   Requires limited supervision
5   Below average independent performance
6   Poor average independent performance
7   Acceptable independent performance (proficient)
8   Average independent performance
9   Above average independent performance (advanced)
10 Excellent independent performance

The second section of grade is your knowledge grade. Formal tests will be given on each until of instruction when you have completed the skills and tasks for that unit. If you do poorly on any unit test, you will be able to re-take a similar test on that unit. This is a single opportunity for you to re-study and master the material. Your most recent test grade will be the one that is reported.

Employability Skills
The third section of grade is your Work Ethics/PDP grade. This is also worth one-third of your total grade.The three parts of your grade: skill, knowledge, and employability skills, will be averaged together to formulate a grade for you. This grade will be in the form of a percentage that will determine whether you have gained an ‘A, B, C, D, or Failure’. We sincerely believe that no student should get below a ‘C’.A minimum grade of ‘C’, from both CIT and the Home School, is required for student organization travel.

In Summary: 
(Skills + Knowledge + Employability Skills) /3 = Marking Period Grade
ADA Compliance Errors 0