Social Media Policy
Both Career Institute of Technology educational social media and commercial social media exist for Users to utilize. Therefore, social media could be used either as part of the Career Institute of Technology’s educational mission or for business purposes, or as part of the Users personal commercial online presence. Mobile electronic devices, portable or stationary computers, and Career Institute of Technology networks and systems, as well as Users’ networks, systems, computers, and devices are available for (or provided for) Users to carry out their social media activities. The purpose of the Career Institute of Technology Social Media Policy is to establish rules and guidance for the use of social media by students, employees, and guests (collectively “Users”).
A social media blunder is a critical problem with the potential to injure students, employees, guests, and others, to lose confidential information and data, to set back any progress that the Career Institute of Technology has previously made, and to subject the User or the Career Institute of Technology to litigation.

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