Occupational Advisory Committee
Who ? The Occupational Advisory Committee is made up of members of the electrical construction industry, electrical vendors, parents and students are all invited to attend. We invite members of trade related groups such as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the Electrical Contractors of the Lehigh Valley, the International Electrical Inspectors Association (IEIA), Independent Electrical Contractors Association, workers in the electrical field as well as present and former instructors. It is important to mention that only persons currently working in the electrical field may vote on program changes.

What ?  The Purpose of the Occupational Advisory Committee is to strengthen the Electrical Construction Program at CIT. The committee provides valuable advice to the program, initiates and supports activities and helps to promote the program in the community. Members may provide students with job shadowing, internships,  co-operative education opportunity, class presentations and more.

Where ? The Occupational Advisory Committee twice a year in October and May at the CIT. If you would like to know more about how you can pass on your electrical expertise to the next generation of electricians please contact me by phone, email, snail mail or our facebook page. Complete contact information can be found on this web page. Thank You for reading all the way to the end.